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Wholesale & Distribution

We supply and deliver to a wide spectrum of businesses that require and would benefit from wholesale incentives of our coffees and products.

To sign up and qualify for wholesale discounts, visit the Wholesale page and get started.

Events & Barista Services

Professional Barista Services For Corporate And Private Events We adhere to professionalism and with our working experience in the food and beverage industries we equate to the importance of etiquette for our highly trained baristas to be seamless in their presence and the skilled services they render to you. We are here to facilitate a coffee experience for a myriad of coffee-loving people and to cultivate a lasting impression of IMBIZO on you and the success of your events.

Office Solutions

Office environments are unique to space and workforce as well and it’s known that freshly efficient coffee to drink helps everyone throughout the productive dynamics of their working day. We can be of assistance to streamline the process to ensure your requirements for having well-brewed coffee on hand, with the ease of accessibility and use from our coffee machines that we have to offer. Simply fill out our form of enquiry.

We also offer preferential rates for consistent customers and bulk orders.