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What’s IMBIZO all about?

MBIZO AFRICAN COFFEE is founded by Xoliswa. With a background in the food and beverage industry, Xoliswa brings over a decade of experience as the founder of Xsite Foods, a flourishing food cuisine catering company.

In 2008, Xoliswa envisioned exploring the niche of the Artisan coffee industry. Leveraging her creative insights, presentation skills, and networking experience in cultural events, she found herself uniquely positioned for success. This ambitious journey led her to maintain an African Coffee vision, encompassing sourcing, production, and services.

After extensive research and dedication, IMBIZO was established in 2017. Alongside the mastery of their signature IMBIZO coffee blend, the business expanded its services to cater to the consumer market supply needs in the corporate, private, and office industries.

The name IMBIZO, meaning “the gathering,” perfectly encapsulates the holistic convergence of aspirations, resources, people, and work practices. It signifies a commitment to offering a unique consumer experience to the diverse cultural hub of coffee lovers locally and worldwide.

For IMBIZO, every cup of coffee tells a story—a narrative woven with patience, dedication, and the passion to bring people together through the love of exceptional coffee.

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